CARL CHRISTENSEN A/S was founded in 1927 by manufacturer Carl Christensen

Dive into our long history and get a glimpse of the important milestones that make us the company we are today.

Since the beginning, many leading producers of parts to the automobile factories have come to CAC with their agencies, for efficient distribution of spare parts to the Danish market.

This has allowed CAC to develop into the leading supplier to the Danish market for all wearing parts: engine parts, brakes, clutches, steering gear, electrical components, etc. We get our spare parts from factories that also supply the car manufacturers, and thus the quality of our spare parts is at least equivalent to the parts that the cars were "born with".

The quality parts are delivered several times a day to local workshops primarily through our associated wholesaler chain, au2parts, which today consists of 39 units, and covers almost all of Denmark.

Since 1967, CAC has been owned by the CAC Foundation, which was founded by manufacturer Carl Christensen with the aim to support art and culture in Denmark. This means that we are a 100% Danish-owned company, which ensures that the money we earn will benefit society.