Warehouse automation and efficient distribution

In 2016 CAC moved into new headquarters of 22.400 m² in the western part of Aarhus. In 2019, we invested more than DKK 50 million in an AutoStore facility from Element Logic, which has subsequently been expanded.  Today 56 robots, 105,993 boxes and 188,151 locations efficiently ensure correct and rapid unpacking and picking of goods. The automated warehouse has been so successful that in early 2021 CAC expanded with another AutoStore facility in Glostrup with 91,079 locations and 16 robots, bringing the 43,100 boxes to three picking stations close to the shipping and expedition area. Combined with a traditional warehouse of more than 16,000 m² in Aarhus, we ensure that almost 100,000 different products are available to our customers not only with night delivery, but also quickly throughout the day.

We work six days a week with two-shift operation from 06:00 to 22:00 Monday to Thursday and Friday until 17:00. Sunday we work from 08:00 to 14:00 to finish the shipments, which are delivered to our 39 distribution units (au2parts), on Monday morning before 06:00.

Both from the main warehouse in Aarhus and from our 5,000 m2 warehouse in Glostrup, one of the western suburbs of Copenhagen, we deliver our wide range of products directly to our au2parts branches and to independent wholesalers who can collect orders during our opening hours or choose night delivery.

The au2parts wholesalers have local warehouses throughout most of Denmark, and in addition to their own stores, it is possible to draw on our entire stockpile with minimum 2 daily deliveries to all au2parts branches. In this way we ensure that the full range of products is avalible for our customers, independent workshops and brand workshops, 4-8 times a day with a fleet of more than 200 vans.

At the same time, we are mirroring the stocks of a number of local Danish manufacturers, and within the same day, we can therefore ensure that our customers have access to both the local stocks and the central stocks in Aarhus and Glostrup as well as the stocks of Danish manufacturers. In this way, we dare to claim that our distribution network binds the nation together, quickly and efficiently.

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